Problem regarding authentic leadership strengths

Assignment task: Leadership Development

Self-Analysis Report

Over the course of the first few weeks of the semester we will be doing various in class exercises where you will have an opportunity to identify your authentic self and your authentic leadership strengths. This will be the basis of this assignment.

All the following should be completed and handed in as part of this assignment:

1. Read the first 30 pages of Strengths Finder 2.0 and complete the assessment exercise to determine your top 5 strengths. Respond to the following questions:

i. What did you experience, feel or learn from this exercise?

ii. How does what you learned help to increase your understanding of yourself and your leadership potential?

iii. How might this new knowledge help you in a future leadership situation?

2. Complete the "Summary of Leadership Strengths" form that we worked on in class.

Ensure that all the "My Authentic Strengths" and "My Leadership Strengths" are completed in the two columns on this form. List your top five strengths. Include one example where you have used these leadership strengths in a real situation. Describe what took place and what you learned. What might you do differently next time?

3. Name two leaders that you admire and identify a leadership strength that they have that is like yours. Provide an example of how they used their strength, and what you can learn from them.

4. My Leadership Vision: A vision is a picture of the future. I would like you to use your imagination and create a vision of you as a leader 5 years from now.

Specifically, I would like you to create a vision of the kind of leadership that you are bringing to your own life, to your family, to friends and to your work building on your stated leadership strengths.

a. How can you use your strengths to make a difference in your life, in others life and in the world?

b. How does the leadership theories discussed in class help you to develop your leadership vision?

c. Work with the understanding of your core strengths, leadership strengths, values, attitudes and personality profile that you have learned from these exercises to build this vision.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What strength (theme) do you value the most?
  • What is your purpose as a leader?
  • How will you do to show up to be that person?
  • And how are you clearly communicating those values and actions to the people around you as well?
  • What is your leadership vision?

Reflect on your purpose:

  • Who do you want to BE?
  • What culture do you want to create?
  • What actions align with and demonstrate those qualities.
  • Start creating a list of the different actions that align with your values and the behaviors that you want to model for the people around you.
  • How do you define the actions that align with the leader - and the person - that you want to be?

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