Measures for evaluating health promotion


You will select a measurement tool/instrument that you believe is most appropriate for your public health initiative project.

You may either choose a tool or develop your own based upon the following instrument examples:

v Questionnaires

v Self-checklists

v Attitude Scales

v Personality Inventory

v Observation Form

v Rating Scale

v Survey

You will need to describe the tool you selected or created, explain why you chose that tool, and provide a summary of how it will be utilized within your health initiative project. It is important that you are detail oriented within this assignment, as it will be part of your final course project.

Review the : Measures for Evaluating Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programs, which provides tips for developing a measurement tool, as well as information concerning what the measurement tool should include based on the kind of data and outcomes you are seeking. It also provides additional resources that you can use to find further instructions/examples of measurement tools and instruments for your proposed public health initiative.

Your assignment should be a minimum of two completely full pages in Times New Roman 12 pt. font and should utilize APA style.

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