Identify a management problem faced by healthcare leader


Capstone Paper - Management Problem

Management Problem - Identify a management problem faced by today's healthcare leader. Locate valid articles on this topic. Summarize the problem and describe the manager's role in resolving this problem in today's health care environment using information from your text. Identify and apply specific examples from your text in how the manager could resolve the problem.

The paper is to be written in APA format, to include a cover page and reference page - an abstract and table of content is not necessary.

The format of paper should include:

1. 4 to 6 pages, double spaced with 4 to 5 references;

2. Page numbering on right top of paper,

3. Title page (follow my example)

4. Well designed topic sentences

5. Good flow from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph

4. Primary headings throughout paper

5. Introduction with depth

6. Conclusion paragraph with depth

7. References must be from a reputable website or journal and should not be older than 2006;

8. Absolutely no spelling or grammar errors.

9. Should be written in active voice and good flow throughout with headings, intro paragraph, and conclusion paragraph.

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Other Management: Identify a management problem faced by healthcare leader
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