Develop innovative training programs


Interorganizational Collaboration Paper

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper delineating how health care organizations do the following:

• Develop collaborative strategies predicated upon best practices.
• Share lessons learned from failure.
• Coordinate resource utilization.
• Develop innovative training programs.

Conclude with recommendations for optimizing cooperation between health care organizations based on the course readings and your experience.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

The idea is very open as to the types of failures and shared issues. It could be divisions that did not work together so well, or who did not share. The idea behind this assignment is to look for something that sounded good on paper, but did not really work out all the well when we tried to put it together.

Let me offer another example. As I have noted in the past, my company installs medication administration systems. Part of that process involves mobile laptops on medication carts. Hospitals select from a range of possibilities. However, if one of our first installations, apparently the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), was not consulted as to the choice, The hospital bought about 110 medication cards, and the CNO refused to use them, saying they were too heavy for her nurses to push around. There were other issues in the background, such as a power play between the CNO and the other executive leaders, but what should have been a relatively simply process turned out to be an expensive failure, setting back the implementation several months and costing the hospital quite a bit of money when they agreed to buy new carts.

Some failures may be technical, while many involve people and not getting the right stakeholders involves, as in my example above.

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