How will dr wagners message impact as a school principal


Refer to the video, Overcoming the Global Achievement Gap, link in Readings and Resources. This video is longer than most we have viewed during this course, but it is an excellent video that can help us wrap up this course in global leadership.

Dr. Wagner says we have an affliction in education in this country; he calls it "Answer-itis." He summarizes essential educational challenges we face and proposes Seven Survival Skills for Career, College, and Citizenship. He believes every student must have these skills to succeed, and he presents some information about education that is very different from what we have understood in the past. Despite the microphone feedback in the video, be assured you will find the message far outweighs the microphone.

As you view the video, think about these questions:

  1. How will Dr. Wagner's message impact you as a school principal?
  2. What are the two problems he believes we face today as educators?
  3. We are organized for "timeless learning." What does Dr. Wagner mean by that term?
  4. He says that technology is a "double-edged sword." Explain that statement and elaborate on whether you agree or disagree.
  5. Summarize the essential challenges that Dr. Wagner says we face. Choose at least two of these challenges and explain how you will address them in your role as a school leader.
  6. What were the three core principals with which Dr. Wagner closes his address?
  7. Add anything else that resonated with you from the video and explain why.

Write a one to two page paper summarizing the answers to the questions above and anything else you want to add. Remember, the expectation is that your writing be of graduate-level quality. Be sure to use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation with a strong introduction and conclusion.

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