How to encourage a customers swift transition

Question: Considering the CPV, what is one strategy that you can think of to encourage a customer's swift transition from first-time to repeat buyer based on the given article? Article: Once the computation of CLV is completed, firms proceed to maximize this metric to reap its full benefits. The CLV metric assists marketers to increase future profitability of not just current customers but also prospects. Furthermore, the CLV metric is not just about the dollar value of future customer profitability. It extends beyond that and aids in strategy development on one or more of the following: customer acquisition, customer retention, balancing customer acquisition and retention, customer churn, and customer win- back.

While the importance of these five tasks in ensuring profitability is noted, this does not mean that "maximizing" each individual metric is the correct recipe for success. Firms can investigate maximizing CLV from an optimization perspective wherein the elasticities of each of these factors can be studied. Such an endeavor might be a promising avenue for future research. This section highlights the importance of understanding these five tasks in developing the CRM playbook of an organization. Customer acquisition. The expansive literature on customer acquisition has probed several important questions

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Other Management: How to encourage a customers swift transition
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