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For ten weeks, since May 15th you have been working at the Kellogg's packaging plant as your summer job. You favorite uncle Javier (from Spain) is the plant manager at Kellogg's packaging division. Kellogg's packaging is the division of Kellogg's that manufactures boxes and other packaging materials for Kellogg's food products and several other central Michigan food manufacturers. Recently the bakers and confectionary workers union was able to negotiate a new contract which provided a $1.25 hour raise for all full time bakery and confectionary workers that are union members effective on July 31st. Since the packaging workers are employed alongside the bakers and confectionary workers you were hoping that you would receive a $ 1.25 raise as well. Unfortunately you are not eligible for the raise because you have only been employed for 10 weeks and you must be employed full time for 90 days before you can join the union. The union guidelines, standards and rules are clear. Only full time bakery


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Other Management: Problem regarding negotiate a new contract
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