How new business strategy fits with existing value chain


Develop a business case that analyzes a company's ( competitive environment to initially describe its existing business strategies, and then outline one new business operational strategy involving Information Technology/Information Systems capabilities that avail of some business opportunity. Show how Airbnb's value chain supports the new business strategy, and show an implementation of some or all aspects of the proposed business strategy.

The project should relate to the concepts as specified in the various chapters of the book.

Make sure your project focuses on the issues outlined in the project requirements. Section your paper so that it is easy to understand.

Follow the template below:

Overview of Airbnb.

Airbnb's competitive environment using the competitive forces model.

Describe a business opportunity that Airbnb can avail to improve its competitive environment.

Outline one new operational business strategy in light of the business opportunity. For example, a restaurant can improve/change its ordering process to attract customers who want quick service. The new ordering process now is an implementation of the operational strategy. Keep in mind that the new operational business strategy should not be the same as what is currently in place for the selected company.

Contrast the new business strategy with the current business strategy.

(a) Outline Airbnb's value chain under consideration and then (b) specify how the new business strategy fits with the existing value chain. Show the link between the value chain and the proposed new business operational strategy.

Outline cybersecurity features that need to be considered to implement the new business strategy.

Outline the Information Technology/Information Systems features, including social networking, cloud, and/or international dimensions that may facilitate the implementation of the new business strategy.

The project case should be focused and easy to read. The case conclusion should summarize the analysis and any benefit organization can achieve through this analysis.

Include references to all material (books, journal papers, book chapters, etc.) at the end of your paper. If you reference any material from the Internet, please provide its complete reference so that it may be downloaded for reading.

Atleast 6 pages.

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