Describe business intelligence


Readings the chapters: Business Intelligence Systems,

Reporting Systems and OLAP

Database Marketing

Data Breaches

Describe the various ways business intelligence, big data and analytics improves the utilization of information within an organization. Suggest a company ( that can use these as a key element to improve its competitive position in the marketplace.

Paper should relate to some of the related concepts as specified and chapter extensions. Besides, appropriate concepts outlined in other chapters can also be included to substantiate the paper.

Make sure your paper focuses on the issues raised by the assignment topic. Section your paper as suggested in the template below so that it is easy to understand and follow. Make each template requirement as section title in the paper. The template structure is as follows:

1. Describe business intelligence (BI), big data, and data analytics in general.

2. Describe how (BI), big data, and data analytics makes a company competitive in general.

3. Describe Netflix and its working/competitive environment. Anytime a company is described, make sure the company description provides details like its products, its history, etc. even if the company is widely known.

4. Describe how (BI), big data, and data analytics features are enabling Netflix to enhance its competitiveness in the marketplace. Provide instances of such features that are properly referenced.

4 pages max, include reference

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