How fast do you want to grow the companys business


Read the Participant's Manual for GLO-BUS, then answer the following questions:

1. Where are we now? Is your company in a good, average, or weak competitive position concerning rival companies? Does your company appear to be in sound financial condition? What problems does your company have that need to be addressed?

2. Where do we want to go? Propose a strategic vision, a mission statement, and a set of core values for the company. What goals do you have for your company? How fast do you want to grow the company's business? How much would you like to increase the total profits of the company by the end of the simulation exercise?

3. How are we going to get there? What basic strategic and competitive approach do you think makes the most sense to pursue? What are the 3-to 4 key elements of the strategy that you think should be employed? What kind of sustainable competitive advantage over rivals should your team try to build in the camera segment? In the UAV drone segment?

4. What kinds of performance outcomes will be used to determine that you and your co-managers are managing your camera/drone company successfully?

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Business Management: How fast do you want to grow the companys business
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