How ethics informs your leadership in early childhood field

Assignment: Personal Ethics

An important part of effective, visionary leadership is ensuring that your ethics provide a continuous, steadfast compass that serves as a guide through challenging situations. Your educational journey includes developing, or refining, your personal statement of ethics, exploring its origins, and reflecting on how to ensure your ethics can serve as a compass as you lead and nurture others in the field.

For this Assignment, you will be developing a personal statement that reflects your ethics as they relate to the early childhood field.

To prepare:

Consider your beliefs and values as they relate to the field of early childhood education. What are the core beliefs that drive you forward in your pursuit of excellence? How do these shape your convictions? In what ways do these influence your beliefs as a leader and as an advocate for children, families, and the broader field?

To complete the Assignment:

Write a 3 to 5 page paper that outlines the following:

• How you are an ethical person, and how your ethics informs your leadership in the early childhood field

• How your ethics have guided you in the past in the field, or how you will use your ethics to support your ongoing processing, interactions, and responses with others in the future

• In what ways your ethical values and behaviors have contributed or will contribute to ethical behaviors and climates within early childhood settings

• How your personal ethics align with the ethics of the field

Be sure to support your work with specific references to the Learning Resources.


Leading with hearts and minds: ethical orientations of educational leadership doctoral students

By Linda R. Vogel

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