Examine the realities of providing a fape in the lre


Discussion - FAPE in the LRE

In this discussion, respond to the prompt listed below. Once you have responded to the discussion prompt, you must comment on two discussions. As you respond, include "people-friendly" and culturally respectful language. Please review the attachment for "people-friendly" language.


In this discussion, we will examine the realities of providing a FAPE (free appropriate public education) in the LRE (least restrictive environment) (as mandated by Federal and State regulations) in a diverse classroom. The focus of this module is to understand the diverse needs and characteristics of students with disabilities in order to provide effective instruction based on the academic needs of students (CO1, CO8, CO12).

• As a teacher in the secondary setting, how would you explain to a general education teacher why a student with an emotional disability (EmD) is best served in a general education classroom vs. a special education setting?

• Based on the characteristics of EmD, what strategies would you offer to a general education teacher to use when teaching a student with an eligibility of EmD?

• Least Restrictive Environment is often seen as a civil rights issue. For example: when students with disabilities leave the school setting, they do not enter a "special education world". They attend church with nondisabled peers, they play with children in their neighborhood that are nondisabled, and they attend after school programs with nondisabled peers. However, we segregate them in the school setting because they are not learning on grade level. Discuss from a general education teacher and special education teacher view the barriers of LRE.

Submission Instructions:

The Discussion Board is intended to foster a dynamic, flowing discussion that stems from students' engagement with course materials, one another, and faculty. Students are expected to ground their ideas and responses to one another in the course materials, in their own experience, and in additional outside references.

Be sure to use and cite from two professional journal readings AND one assigned textbook reading in your initial post. Conform to APA guidelines as you write your response and create your source citations. Be sure to also follow APA guidelines for your in-text citations. (One of your professional journal readings should be from the module's assigned readings; the second reading may come from either the assigned readings or your own research.)

Your initial post should be 300 to 350 words each.

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