Characteristics of population that you serve is essential

Assignment:- PWS Component I - Contextual Factors

As a teacher, understanding the characteristics of the community and population that you serve is essential. As a special education teacher, this is even more critical. When developing instructional plans it is essential to have a knowledge of the population of students you serve. What works in one district may not work in another. As the first step in developing your PWS, you will write Component I in which you describe the contextual factors of the classroom, school, and community in which you work.


Provide a narrative AND graphical description of the various contextual factors of the class, school, and community. The following must be included:

• School name (Armstrong Elementary)

• Grades served second grade

• Geographic location Grenville ms

• Enrollment data (by race, gender, ethnicity, etc.) look up on Greenville ms school data

o Special Programs (504, SpEd, Gifted, ELL, At Risk (Tier), etc.)

• Assessment Data (State Tests, ACT, SAT, etc.)state test

• Teacher demographic data (education, race, gender, etc.)

• Post-school outcome data (i.e. graduation rate, dropout rate, etc.)

This component must be a minimum of 3 pages typed, double spaced in length


Strategies for Teaching Learners with Special Needs (Eleventh or Twelfth Edition)

Authors: Edward A. Polloway, James R. Patton, Loretta Serna, and Jenevie Bailey

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Business Law and Ethics: Characteristics of population that you serve is essential
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