How are the assessments alike how are the assessments

1. How are the assessments alike?

2. How are the assessments different?

3. What are the strengths of your peer's chosen assessment?

4. What are the weaknesses of your peer's chosen assessment?

5. How can both assessments impact instructional decisions?

In my future classroom I will choose observational strategies and tools assessment such as daily logs to document how my students are progressing in my class and to take note of daily activities. I think that the daily log assessment would be an effective form of assessment to my future role because it provides the opportunity to observe the child everyday. Infants grow fast and they begin to use all there physical, cognitive and social domains. Working with infants on a daily basis would allow me to keep track of how child act around different children and/or adults. I would know if the child enjoys playing, can the child sit up or try to feed him or herself and so on. I can also use a daily log of what time the child had their bottle, what time they took nap, how often they were changed and their behavior through out the day. Keeping daily information like this can help identify if a child may have a learning disability.

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Other Subject: How are the assessments alike how are the assessments
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