Creating a community of leaders teaching to enhance

Locate a reference from our Text that supports a main idea behind the statements posted by your peers.

1. Make a connection from their main content to the reference.

2. Provide an explanation of the connection you made from your peer's work to the text.

3. Provide a specific page number where you located the information in the text.

The development of any child is so important. Some people think it is the job of teachers to teach and educate a child when it is the responsibility of everyone that is in that child's life. The little people (children) become the important ones for our future.

Creating a Community of leaders

This developmentally practice is so important and it is something I really hold dear to my heart because the term "Each one teach one" is a method that stands as anyone can help anyone. At my job we have a curriculum night (one night is for teachers and another is for parents) this helps the teachers get a better understanding of how to teach the lesson and it also helps parents to know what their responsibility is to their child. So this helps mend the miscommunication as to what each person has to do to better help the child.

Teaching to enhance learning and development

When teachers have a great understanding of how to teach a lesson they will go the extra mile to add more to the lesson to make it fun and engaging. Like if the lesson was "All about me" the teacher could have each student being in a box decorated with things about them, in home living a child could decorate a outfit to be put on a block that has the child's picture on it etc. This project helps the teacher to better know a child as an individual and the child parent helps put the box together so here we have the parent, teacher and child working together.

Planning curriculum to achieve important goals

Any curriculum should be designed to help a child to learn and grow. The good thing about any curriculum things can always be added or taken away to better educate or impart into a child. Our text states "Planning for curriculum should be informed by insights about how the curriculum is experienced by children because the curriculum is at the core of the reflection of my teaching." (Jaruszewicz ,2013)

Assessing children's learning and development

Every child learns differently so it is a great idea to keep record of each child and their development so that no child gets left behind because they didn't understand something. When using any curriculum teachers always run into a trial or error so a good teacher learns to take the good out of any lesson and discard what doesn't work for them.

Establishing reciprocal relationships with families

Making parents feel welcomed into their child's classroom is always a struggle with teachers. The most important thing to always remember is to deal with parents in ways that is comfortable for them. Some parents don't like to do face to face conferences so you might suggest doing it over the phone and this might make it easier.

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