Explore a sexual relationship with him

Problem: During an intake evaluation with James, a 32-year-old White male, you learn that he is having marital difficulty and that he has been given an ultimatum by his wife. James's wife has threatened to leave the marriage. When asked about the issue, James states, "My wife is threatening to take the kids and leave me. She has discovered that I have been having a relationship of sorts with someone I met after work in a bar during happy hour." James drops his eyes to the floor and fumbles for the words to explain this relationship. He appears embarrassed and unsure of how to continue. Finally, James states that the relationship is with a young man whom he met at a gay bar after work. James states that he has felt a curiosity about being with a man for some time, even before he was married, but tried to push it aside. Recently, since his wife has been so preoccupied with the young children and disinterested in sex, his curiosity grew, and he found himself frequenting a gay bar after work. He has since met someone and has begun to explore a sexual relationship with him. James's wife found the text-evaluation

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