Explain what avenues of redress roberta has



Early one Monday morning in Jamaica, Susan, a Restaurant Manager starts getting ready for the morning's work operations. She is particularly happy because tonight he has a date with Marvin, the new Chef that was recently hired. The problem, as Susan sees it, is that Roberta, another Restaurant employee has been just a little too friendly with Marvin lately and that really upsets Susan. Susan has redone the work schedule, assigning Roberta the clean-up shifts in the night and cutting back on her hours of work. She is hoping that Roberta would simply quit and out of her way. However, that plan doesn't seem to be working. Despite a lighter pay cheque and frequent reprimand through the disciplinary process of creating reasons to write to her about her conduct and performance. Roberta has decided to quit her studies due to her inability to fund her tuition. A few days later, Susan noticed Marvin and Roberta having lunch together in the staff dining room. Susan got furious and decided to terminate the services of Roberta immediately as she has enough warning letters and despite what corporate HR might have to say about it. "After all - I'm the boss!" said Susan.

Instructions: Answer the following questions supporting your ideas/position with relevant literature and factual examples.

I. (i) Can Susan terminate the services of Roberta? Explain your answer with reference to the Jamaica's disciplinary process.

(ii) Would there be any difference if Roberta had a contract for service? Justify your response.

II. What does employment law say about Susan's decision to cut back Roberta's work hours?

III. (i) What concepts and values of Industrial relations are at play in this scenario?

(ii) Explain how the Human Resource Management team can shape the concepts and values you identified to positively influence employee perception of the employment relationship.

IV. Explain what avenues of redress Roberta has?

V. The restaurant workers have asked you whether you feel that it would be in their best interest to join a union. Either support or oppose the move to unionize with four (4) salient points. Also include reference to a case in Jamaica to support your view.

VI. What process would the workers have to follow to have union representation within the company?

VII. What impact would an industrial democracy have in this case scenario? Support your points with at least three salient points.

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Business Law and Ethics: Explain what avenues of redress roberta has
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