Discusses strategies and standards of case management

Assignment task:

This week's content examines and discusses strategies and standards of case management, the ecological perspective, and social pedagogy. We continue looking at Karen Campbell's case, as described in the Campbell Family Case Study:

Karen Campbell, who was referred by her physician for counseling for case management services, reports being overwhelmed and depressed due to her children's recent legal (son, stole the neighbor's car and facing charges) and addiction issues (daughter smokes weed). She reports being very worried about her children and consumed by their issues. As a result, her marriage is starting to suffer. Karen reports she has had anxiety about her marriage, as her parents divorced after her brother committed suicide as a teenager. She states her "marriage cannot survive ongoing crisis with teenagers" and she is "afraid that I am going to shut down and my husband will find attention somewhere else, just like my parents did." She reports not eating or sleeping well. In addition, Karen denies that her drinking is a problem but her family reports that she drinks so much on a daily basis that she often passes out at night.

In your initial post for this discussion, respond to the following:

Identify the micro, mezzo, and macro perspectives of the therapeutic issues in this case and the reasons for those perspectives. Describe your assessment from an ecological perspective and a social pedagogy perspective.

Discuss the evidence-based interventions you would use to intervene for each area of concern. Use theories discussed thus far in this course to support your assessment and interventions. (CBT)


Thompson, N., & Stepney, P. (2017). Social work theory and methods: The essentials. Routledge.

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