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For the SO287 course, you are being asked to complete two different assignments before the class takes place. This is in conjunction to another assignment that will be done at the end of the course (and turned in after the course is finished). In keeping with the course, both assignments are related to aspects of media. As you will learn, the term "media" is a rather expansive category. For your purposes, think of media as any broad-based communications medium through which information is disseminated, contact and networks maintained, and/or entertainment achieved.

This includes: movies, television, radio, social media, video games, magazines, newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and the like.

1 . Media and Culture Journal

The first assignment is to keep an on-going journal in which you examine various aspects, stories, trends, etc that are occurring in the media. All you have to do is become conscious and aware of things that are happening in the media. This could be done through browsing stories and trends, following particular stories, looking at usage of various kinds of social media and their impacts, or anything else that you notice. The goal is for you to focus on what is happening ‘out there' in society. See the Media, Culture and Society Journal assignment for instructions.

You should be doing this on a daily basis (or so) until the course starts. It shouldn't take much time per day, other than browsing through news, looking at trends on social media, and the like. You can keep this however you like, but it is preferred that you keep it through Evernote. This is a free application that you can download to your computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.

2.  Media Consumption Personal Habits Log

The second is to conduct an examination of your own personal media consumption habits. This essentially will include paying close attention to what you do on a daily basis in terms of what are your media viewing habits, and what kinds of media are you exposed to without even knowing it (or wanting to be exposed to it). For this assignment, simply conduct a log for 2 routine, normal days. These can be consecutive days, or you can do it for the same day (but on different weeks), or two different days altogether. It is up to you.

For this, think about tracking the following things:

• Type of media experienced

• Time of day of exposure

• Length of exposure

• Content of exposure

• Unintentional exposures (e.g. watching television and seeing ads)

• Any perceived impact of exposure (what did you make you think, feel, want, do, etc)

• Vehicle through which it was experienced (e.g. television, computer, smart phone, portable music device (e.g. Ipod)

• Who was it experienced with? Who was there viewing it with you, if anyone.

Think of this list as a minimum. You can think of other things as well. You can track this using a spreadsheet, or in a document of some kind. After you have completed your log, then go back and conduct an analysis of it. What were your habits? What were the impacts, if any? Did anything surprise you? Are your habits reflective of society, or unique to you and/or your particular peer cohort? What do you make of what you recorded? Again, this is a list of questions to get you started. You can feel free to explore other things that come to mind.

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