Example of stakeholders conflicting

Problem: For your posting, choose an example of such a conflict posted by another student, and suggest a way that the business process can be changed so that the interests of the stakeholders can be brought into sync.

(1) David :

I think Toyota current situation is a good example of stakeholders conflicting. The Japanese yen is at an all time high which makes domestic manufacturing in Japan because their CEO, Akio Toyoda, feel a responsibility to his employees and to Japan. This is in conflict with the CFO and the stakeholders who want Toyota to move manufacturing to a cheaper location where they can make more profit. I see it as a classic showdown that occurs very often. Good CEO's want a company that consistently performs and his long-term growth where investors want the quick money reguardless of the future.

(2) Christopher :

A company in my are that has been in the news for sometimes now is the Hampton Roads Transit (HRT). HRT has been working on adding Light Rails in the Norfolk, Va. area for over 5 years to date. This project has run into major huddles along the way between stakeholders . The conflict started when the project went a $100 million over budget. For the taxpayers this was a problem.

(3) A business must function as a system with checks and balances. Do you think there could be a 'generic' arrangement, working for any business, to mitigate between such conflicting interests? Maybe, each sector or industry could have a self-adjusting system of checks and balances?

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Business Law and Ethics: Example of stakeholders conflicting
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