Discuss about a general phenomenon

Assignment: The Informative Speech

In this assignment you will deliver a four-minute informative speech that is designed to bring new and important information to your audience. You will practice the skills of audience analysis, speech preparation, outlining, and presentation.

Choose a topic about a general phenomenon (not a specific event) that you wish to inform or educate your audience about. For example, topics such as crime among teenagers, alternative models for health care delivery, trends in employment or the economy or global warming would all be appropriate for the assignment. A speech about a step-by-step process of how something is done, a play-by-play account of a murder trial, or a description of the World Soccer Cup Finals would not be appropriate. Be sure to consider your audience when selecting a topic. Demonstration or "how-to-do-it" speeches are not acceptable. You may not sure a sports related topic.

A minimum of two documented and orally cited sources are required. Your sources should be current (within the last three years).

Determine the central thesis and main points of your topic. Be sure to use transitions from each major point to the next and clearly tie each main point to the thesis.

Select the most important supporting material for each main point. Remember, you cannot include everything, so carefully choose the most vivid and illustrative material from your research to clearly develop each main point.

An outline is required to be turned-in immediately before you give your presentation. You must use visual aids. See the speech evaluation sheet for the criteria that will be used in evaluating your presentation.


References are required and must be in APA format.

A Proper APA Bibliographic Entry (article in a publication)

Smith, J. (2015). Favorite foods of the Pterodactyl. Dinosaurs Past and Present. N.Y.: Dinopublishers. Do not use standalone URL's as bibliographic entries.

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