Psychological concepts to explain the behavior


This assignment requires students to think of one instance in their lives where they acted in a manner very different than normal. Students are then asked to describe the event in detail giving as much background as they believe relevant to the understanding of the situation. Students will then explain their behavior and motivations using as many psychological constructs as possible, but at minimum, students must use three different psychological concepts to explain their behavior. Finally, students will write at least one paragraph detailing what they have learned from this writing exercise.

Response should be 1 to 3 pages.

Type this in a word document, 12-point font, include a cover sheet and then your paper - all in ONE document. Please make this 1-3 pages - NO more than 3 pages please (the cover sheet can be a 4th page but no more than this please!!)


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Other Subject: Psychological concepts to explain the behavior
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