Describe the making unethical decisions


Tyler Corporation started its operations in March. During the first year of operation, a significant amount of money was spent on attorneys' fees and promotional expenses connected with organizing the corporation. The amount of revenue Tyler Corporation earned for the year was much higher than expected. Because of this, the accountant decided to charge the attorneys' fees and promotional expenses to advertising expense in the current year.

Q1. If the accountant simply was not aware of the proper treatment of these expenditures, were any ethical principles violated? Why or why not?

Q2. How would you have treated these expenditures?

Q3. Write a short memo from the accountant to the board of directors of Tyler Corporation explaining how costs of organizing a corporation are treated for accounting purposes.

Q4. In groups of two or three, discuss the difference between making unethical decisions and making careless decisions.

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Auditing: Describe the making unethical decisions
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