Choose any sport history of sport 1 when was this

Choose any sport. 

History of Sport
1. When was this activity / sport developed?
2. Who developed the activity / sport?
3. Where did the activity / sport originate?
4. What other activities or sports were derived from this activity / sport?

Activity / Sport Information
5. Rules of the activity / sport - how do you play?
6. Are there any differences for men and women who participate?
7. What is the highest level this activity / sport is played? (Professional, Olympics, college, high school, recreational)
8. What equipment is needed to participate?
9. What are the safety issues for this activity / sport?
10. Is this a team or individual activity / sport; number of players needed to participate?

Summary -Your thoughts and feeling about the Activity / Sport
11. Could this be considered a life-time activity?
12. What are the benefits of participation in this activity / sport? 

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