In this paper you will provide a distinctive discussion of

You will be required to write a short paper during the course. The paper must be APA format, including a title page, abstract and reference list. The length of the paper must be 3-5 pages of text. Proper grammar and MBA level writing is expected. There is no extra credit for exceeding five pages.

Remember that an abstract is a brief summary of the paper, not an introduction or a listing of what in the scholarly paper. Your abstract should lay out your investment topic and the key points use in supporting that argument. There must be a reference list at the end. This does not count in the paper length.

In this paper, you will provide a distinctive discussion of any investment (bond, mutual fund, equity, and commodity) or investment topic of your choice. You may choose a specific investment within a category or the category itself. You may also choose to write about a specific economic issues or crimes committed in the investment/business world. You must always utilize a minimum of two scholarly sources as references regardless of your topic.

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Finance Basics: In this paper you will provide a distinctive discussion of
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