Premenstrual phase

The Luteal phase or premenstrual phase (15th day - 28th day):

The luteal phase starts at day 14. Beneath the influence of Leutenizing hormone (LH) discharged by the anterior pituitary, rupture of graffian follicle and discharge of ovum (i.e., ovulation) takes place. After ovulation, the bare follicle is transformed into a transitory endocrine gland termed as corpus luteum. The corpus luteum gradually rises in size and discharges a large amount of progestrone and smaller quantity of oestrogen into the blood. The progesterone performs on endometrium of the uterus, preparing it to obtain the fertilized ovum. To sustain pregnancy and to prevent the contraction of uterus, the progesterone hormone is extremely crucial. When there is no fertilization, the corpus luteum degenerates and is reabsorbed by the ovary at the end of luteal stage.


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