Pathogenecity of Microorganisms

Pathogenecity of Microorganisms:

Pathogenecity refers to the capability of microorganism to cause disease in animals and humans. Infectious diseases more frequently outcome due to the interactions among the disease generating pathogenic microorganisms and host organisms.

The Pathogenic adaptations:

The Pathogenecity of microbes is due to a number of phenomena or adaptations:

1. Pathogens are capable to selectively join to the external surfaces like the skin and conjunctiva or the internal surfaces like the mucus membranes of the respiratory, gastrointestinal or urinogenital tracts.

2. They also penetrate the above body surfaces and increase access to the interior tissues.

3. In some infections, the pathogen might stay localized, growing close to its point of entry into the body.

4. Some pathogens turn out to be broadly distributed in various tissues or organs. This is termed as generalized infections.

5. Some other pathogens can grow in the cells of host, causing rigorous disturbances to normal physiological procedures.

6. Yet another group might grow extracellularly and bring harm to the body tissues by complicated substances termed as toxins.

The pathogenecity varies in different strains of pathogenic species. Few strains are highly virulent. In the situation of virulent strains, only a few bacterial cells might suffice to cause disease in a host. On the contrary, other strains might be less virulent, and large numbers of cells might be required to cause the disease. Some strains might be avirulent, and are not capable of causing the disease even whenever large numbers of cells are inoculated into the host. Such avirulent strains are termed as attenuated strains. These are widely uemployed as vaccines to bring out the immunity.


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