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Wellness and Lifestyle Analysis:

Wellness is a condition of most favorable well-being i.e. oriented toward maximizing potential of an individual. It is a life-long process of moving towards improving your emotional, intellectual, physical, environmental, spiritual, and social well-being.

It has traditionally seemed as freedom from disease; therefore, if you were not sick then you were carefully healthy. Such perspective is changing. Whereas everybody agrees about the absence of illness is individual part of being healthy, this doesn't specify whether you are in a condition of well-being.

Wellness, as a state of health, is closely associated with your style of living. Each and every person has a duty to provide for such health essentials as good nutrition, suitable weight control, exercise, and controlling of risk factors like smoking, alcohol and drug abuse.

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It is a relatively latest concept which expands our concept of health. Beyond the easy absence or presence of diseases, wellness terms to optimal vitality and health: to live life to its fullest. Though we utilize the words wellness and health interchangeably, there are two significant dissimilarities among them:

• Health: several aspects of this can be found or influenced through factors beyond your control, as your age, genes, and family history. For illustration, looks at a 60 year old man along with a strong family history of prostate cancer. Such factors place this man at a more than regular risk for rising prostate cancer himself.

• It is largely found through the decisions you form about how you live. That similar 60-year old man can decrease his risk of cancer via exercise, eating sensibly and having normal screening tests. Although he develops the illness, he may now rise above its consequences to live a rich, important life. It means selecting not merely to care for himself physically but to continue a positive outlook, maintain his relations with the others, challenge himself intellectually, and nurture the other aspects of his life.

The Dimensions of Wellness:

Specialists have explained six dimensions of wellness:

Physical Wellness:

Your physical wellness comprises not simply your body’s overall state and the absence of disease though your fitness level and your capability to care for yourself. The more your fitness level, the more your level of physical wellness will be. Likewise, as you develop the capability to take care of your own physical requirements, you make sure a better level of physical wellness.

Emotional Wellness:

Your emotional wellness shows your capability to know and deal along with your feelings. Emotional wellness occupies attending to your own feelings and thoughts, monitoring your responses, and knowing blockages to emotional stability.

Intellectual Wellness:

Those who have intellectual or mental wellness constantly challenge their brains. An active brain is necessary to wellness since it detects problems, determines solutions, and directs behavior. People who like intellectual wellness not at all stop learning; they carry on trying to learn latest things during their lifetime. They seek out and relish modern challenges and experiences.

Interpersonal Wellness:

Your social or interpersonal wellness is illustrates by your capability to maintain and develop satisfying and supportive relations. These relations are necessary to emotional and physical health. Social wellness needs contributing to and participating in your country, community, and world.

Spiritual Wellness:

Advantage of this wellness, is to possess a set of guiding principles, beliefs, or values which offer purpose and meaning to your life, particularly in complicated times.

Environmental Wellness:

Your environmental wellness is illustrated through the livability of your atmosphere. Personal health depends upon the health of the planet: from the safety of the food deliver in society to the degree of violence. Your physical environment also assists your wellness or diminishes this.


Lifestyle is a manner of living of individuals, societies and families that they manifest in coping along with their physical, social, psychological and economic surroundings on a day-to-day basis.

Style of living is expressed in both leisure and work behavior patterns and on a particular basis in interests, attitudes, activities, thoughts, values, and assigned of income. This also reflects people's self concept or self image; the manner they see themselves and believe they are seen through the others. Style of living is a composite of motivations, requires, and wants and is initiated by factors as family, culture, reference groups, and social class. The analysis of consumer Style of living (termed as psychographics) is a significant factor in finding how consumers form their purchase decisions.

Understanding and analyzing Lifestyles:

Lifestyle refers to the innate behavior of human being through which they make sense of their existence: pattern of living, artistic or verbal or physical expressions, opinions and hobbies, affinities and dislikes, taboos and phobias, inherited traits and influencing factors.

Mostly the lifestyle factors cannot be confined in a quantitative manner, yet they have a direct bearing upon the decision-making of consumers. Consumer segmentation in the spirituality and wellness domain turn into even more challenging identifying the fact which a host of variables have to be factored in before a consumer can be explained along with some assurance. This analysis offers a great insight into the manner a brand is perceived, brand loyalty and the motivation following the purchase.

In several cases lifestyle based decisions are affected through the impending events as Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day and Energy saving day, main holidays as Easter or Christmas, Thanksgiving or still a New Year arrival.

A wellness-oriented lifestyle encourages you to adopt behavior and habits which promote good health and an enhanced quality of life. This also occupies the recognition which you have physical, social, psychological and spiritual requirements, along with each dimension being essential for optimal levels of functioning.

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