System used in DFD

System used in DFD

1. Bubble: A circle (termed bubble) is used to depict a process. Both inputs and outputs to a process are data flow. It is shown in fig 4.10,

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2. Arrow: Data flows are represented by a line with an arrow, illustrated in fig 4.11.

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Ward and Mellor Extension: Conventional DFD notation does not make any distinction between discrete data and time continuous data. War and Mellor used single head arrow to represent discrete data and double headed arrow to use time continuous data. As it is shown in fig4.12.

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3. Rectangle: Rectangles are used to represent the entities and are outside the system. Designers do not any control over them. They either supply or receive data. In fig 4.13, two entities supplier and receiver are shown as rectangles. So supplier entities a supplies some stock delivered to the receiver entity B.

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Even a single entity can both supply and receive data

4. Parallel Lines: Parallel lines are used to depict data store s. Process may store or receive data from data stores. Data cannot flow between two data stores. An arrow towards data  store indicates writing data  to  data store  and an arrow  from data  stores depicts retrieval of data it, which is shown  diagrammatically in fig 4.14,

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