Software Complexities

Software Complexities:

Software complexity (or Programming complexity) is a term that encompasses many properties of a piece of software, all of which influence internal interactions. According to numerous commentators, there is a distinction among the terms complicated and complex. Complicated implies being hard to understand but with effort and time, in the end knowable. On the other hand, complex, describes the interactions among a numbers of entities. As the number of entities enhance, the number of interactions among them would enhance exponentially, and it would obtain to a point where it would be not possible to know and understand all of them. Likewise, higher levels of complexity in software enhance the risk of unintentionally interfering with interactions and so enhance the chance of introducing defects while making changes. In more extreme cases, it can make changing the software virtually impossible. The idea of connecting software complexity to the maintainability of the software has been extensively explored by Professor Manny Lehman, who produced his Laws of Software Evolution from his research. He & his co-Author Les Belady explored various possible Software Metrics in their oft cited book that could be utilized to measure the state of the software, eventually attaining the conclusion that the only practical solution would be to use one that utilizes deterministic complexity models.


Connected with, and based on the complexity of an presented program, is the complexity related with changing the program. The complexity of a difficulty can be divided into two parts:

Accidental complexity:

Associates to difficulties a programmer faces because of the chosen software engineering tools. A better fitting set of tools or a more high-level programming language might reduce it.

Essential complexity:

It is caused by the characteristics of the problem to be solved and cannot be decreased.

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