Pre Processor

Introduction to Pre Processor

Many language provide  the feature of pre processor. Basically pre processor  is a program that processes our source program before it  passed  to the  compiler . it can  also  be considered as part of the compiler that manipulates the program  text before any compilation is done. Some important issue related to pre processor are.

(a) Not all  languages support   the capability  of pre processor and nor  even all the  higher level languages support it. Languages like C Ada do support  this feature.

Example 32. Let us consider  the C pre processor. The  pre processor is a collection of special statements called directives  that are executed at the beginning of the   compilation process. Pre processor directives usually  appear at the beginning  of a   program., each pre processor directive begins with a  # symbol. Various pre processor directive used in C are # include # define # if # elf, #else, #end if, #end if, # if def

#line and # undef .

(b) Pre processor performs  many tasks like  indentation line  and level numbering  printing each subprogram on a separate page  etc.

(c) With a single key stroke or combination of two  keys some  pre processors  can type specific keywords  of the languages.

Example 33. Consider a program in Microsoft  C. Whenever  we want to execute  this  program  we do so  by hitting the function key F5. When we do thid pre processing  compiling  linking as well as execution of the  program is done  automatically.

(a) Some pre processors aid  to include internal documentation in the  program.

Example 34. Consider the Ada  pre processor which  provides the internal documentation to the user  in the  form of menus so that the user can follow  its correct logic and structure.

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