Development of Software Design Model

Development of Software Design Model

After  having  a brief overview about the software design, now  we will see how  a software design model is developed. The design  model is developed by the software designer only whose main goal is to develop a model or abstraction of the  product based on experience design principles its guidelines, heuristics and fundamental concepts. This model is then evaluated with respect to the requirement s( or  the analysis model) and operating and  economic  environments. The design process goes through some stepwise refinements  until a physical  realization comes into existence.

The  fig 5.1,  show how the analysis model developed during analysis phase is translated into the design model. The design model consists of four design  models (elements) in the form of a pyramid. All design models are developed by  using the elements of the analysis model as given below:

Data design requires data dictionary and entity relationship diagram

The data object and their relationship obtained by entity relationship diagrams and the  data details from the data dictionary made during  the analysis phase provides the ground for the  creation of the data model of  a software. This information serves as the base for the creation of data structures of the software solution.  

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Architectural design consists of data flow diagrams .it depicts the relationships between major structural elements of the  software various  design  patterns and various design pattern constraints.

Interface design require control specification state transition diagrams and data flow diagrams. It depicts the inter communication path  of the software describes this user computer interaction, the communication with  any other required system or within in self.

Component level design involves the control specification state  transition diagram and process specification. It converts the structural components of the software architecture into a  procedural  of the software components.

In this manner, the requirements through  analysis model can be translated into  the software design. This model serves as the base of the coding phase. So  design is the only  tool that depicts the transformations of customer requirements into finished software product. Design also describes the quality of the software work product, which goes  throughout the life cycle phases coding testing and maintenance.

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