Data Types and Strong Typing

Introduction to Data types and Strong Typing

A data type is a set of data objects and a set of operations  on those

Objects which create build up destroy modify and pick apart instances of the objects. Almost all  languages  can  be thought of as  supporting  this  concept to some  extent. They  being  by supplying a set of data types. Many languages  require the programmer to explicitly define  the types of all objects to be used in a program and this information  prescribes the operations that  can be applied to the objects . Thus we could state that FORTRAN COBOL C, C++ Ada  and java  are all typed  languages . What issue  need to be considered

When evaluating the data type facilities provided by a programming language? The following list is suggested for it:

  • Does the language provide an adequate set of primitive data types?
  • Can these primitives be combined in useful ways to form aggregate or structured data types?
  • Does the language allow the programming to define new data types? How well do such new data types integrate with the rest of the languages ?
  • To what extent does the language support the notion of strong typing?
  • When are data types considered equivalent?
  • Are type conversions handled in a safe and secure a manner?
  • It is possible for the programmer to circumvent automatic type checking operations?

(a) Primitive Data Types: Programmers are accustomed  to having  a rudimentary set of  primitive  data types available. Various  primitive  types Boolean, character, integer, and  real  ( or float )  together with a  supporting  cast of operations ( relational arithmetic) are provided by the  programming languages. As  such all  programming  language have  their  own set of primitive data types  which they  use to make  the program.

(b) User Define Data Types :The  readability  reliability and data  abstraction capabilities  of  language are  enhanced considerably if  the programmer can extent the  primitive data types  provided as standard by the  language. The  ability to define  user defined  data types  separates the languages Pascal java  and Ada  from their  predecessors.

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