Clinical and Lab Diagnosis

Clinical and Lab Diagnosis:

Clinical Findings:

Pneumonia caused by mycoplasma is usually a mild disease. It begins from asymptomatic infection to severe pneumonitis, with occasional neurologic and hematologic participation. After the onset symptoms of fever, sore throat, headache, and cough follow. The cough is non productive, later blood streaked sputum and chest pain might be seen. It might growth to very severe illness. Death is very rare however might cause cardiac failure.

Lab Diagnosis:

Sputum, throat swab, blood, inflammatory exudates and respiratory secretion are gathered. Direct microscopic examination is of no utilization. Specimens are inoculated in media to develop the organisms. Mycoplasma rise in heart infusion peptone broth with 2 percent agar, pH 7.8 to which 30% human ascitic fluid or animal serum has been added. Following incubation at 37 oC for 48-96 hrs there might be no turbidity however Giemsa stains of the centrifuged sediment exhibits the characteristic pleomorphic structure and subculture on solid media outcomes minute colonies. The colonies are round with a granular surface and a dark centre, usually buried in the agar. They can be sub cultured by cutting a little bit of agar with the colony.


Increase in the antibody can be explained by Complement Fixation Test, Passive Haemagglutination test, Immunofluorescence test, Cold agglutination test with human O RBC [i.e., Non-specific test]. A titre of 1: 64 or more sustains the diagnosis.


Tetracyline and erythromycin are employed for treatment.

Prevention & Control:

Close contact with infected individuals should be avoided. No vaccine is obtainable for clinical utilization.


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