Types of Insulating Varnish

Types of Insulating Varnishes for several Applications

A. Clear baking varnish- Armatures, field coils and instruments.

B. Black baking varnishes- Armatures, field coils and transformers while higher electric strength and resistance to moisture, acids, and alkalies are needed. They have less resistance rather than those of clear.

C. Sticking varnish-Cementing paper, cloth, mica etc.

D. Core-plate varnish [air drying, baking and flashing]- Insulating armature and transformer laminations. The air drying is not appropriate for oil-immersed operation.

E. Epoxy resin varnish [baking]- All coil impregnation, internal curing, in which superior durability and chemical and moisture resistance are needed.

F. Silicone resin varnish [air drying and baking]- Motor rotors and stators, transformers, coils, for extreme temperatures and high-humidity service.

G. Polyester resin varnishes [baking]- transformers, coils, Motor stators and rotors, for high temperature service not so severe as to require silicones.

H. Phenolic varnishes [baking]-Hermetic motor coils and bonding of form wound coils.

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