Steel Bands

Introduction to Steel bands

These bands are laced on the front and back ends of the coils. Steel bands are up on the armature in a dissimilar way than in the cord bands. The process is demonstrated in the below diagram, and is as follows. Put the armature in a lathe and lace mica or paper insulation in the band slot around the complete armature to insulate the band from the coil sides. Hold the insulation in lace through tying a turn of cord around it.

Put small strips of tin or copper within the cord, equidistant around the armature, to protect the band after it is wound. Make use of similar gauge steel band wire as is found in the original band. These bands must be up on the armature along with very much pressure than is required for cord bands. Hence, it is essential to use a device called a wire clam to provide the needed pressure.

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This device contains two pieces of fibre fastened together through means of 2 screws and wing nuts. The steel band wire is delivered by this clam to the armature. The clam must be secured to a bench that is why it can be held stationary when slowly turning the armature when banding. Take care not to up very much pressure on the wire, if not it will break. Later than the band is laced on the coil, copper / tin strips are turned over and the complete bend is soldered. One by one each band is done in this way.

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