Programming Using OOP Fundamentals

Programming Using OOP Fundamentals in C/C++:


It is a high-level programming language that was developed in the mid year of 1970s. Originally it was referred for writing UNIX programs, but now it is used to write applications for closely every available platform. Compared to earlier languages, C is easier to read, more flexible (can be utilized for a wide variety of purposes), and more efficient in using memory.


C++, is a programming language which is pronounced as "C plus plus," that was built off the C language. The syntax of C++ is identical to C, but it contains object-oriented features, which let the programmer to create objects within the code. It makes programming easier, more efficient, and some would even say more fun. Due to the flexibility and power of the language, most of the  software programs today are written in C++.


It is stands for "Object-Oriented Programming." OOP (not Oops!) refers to a programming methodology depend on objects, rather than just functions and procedures. These objects are organized in classes, which let individual objects to be group together. Mostly modern programming languages including C/C++, Java and PHP, are object-oriented languages, and various older programming languages now have object-oriented versions.

An "object" in an OOP language refers to a particular type, or "instance," of a class. Every object has a structure alike to other objects in the class, but can be assigned distinct characteristics. An object can also call methods, or functions, specific to that object. For instance, the source code of a video game may include a class that describes the structure of characters in the game. Individual characters might be described as objects, which let them to have different appearances, skills, and abilities. They may also carry out different tasks in the game, which are run via each object's specific methods.

Object-oriented programming makes it simple for programmers to structure and organize software programs. Since individual objects can be modified without affecting other aspects of the program, it is also simple to update and change programs written in object-oriented languages. As software programs have grown-up larger over the years, OOP has made writing these big programs more manageable.

Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ short course is for those who can already program in a procedural language such like C, using control structures such like for, if, while, etc. The short course covers the basics of the C++ programming language and illustrates how to program using object-oriented principles. It is fully hands-on, and students achieved experience in designing simple but powerful object-oriented programs and in writing code using the C++ language. Feedback is given throughout the course so that participants have as much chance as possible to enhance their programming technique.

OOP also covered C++ language features, key standard library objects overview, and OOP features: classes, objects, abstraction, constructors/destructors, interfaces, overloading, inheritance, templates, polymorphism, etc.

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