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Define: Natural product Chemistry is that branch of chemistry which mainly deals by the isolation, recognition, structure explanation and the study of chemical features of chemical substances made up by living organisms.

Natural Products are the chemical compounds basically found in nature which generally consists of a pharmacological or biological activity for use in the pharmaceutical drug discovery and drug design.

Natural Products are the substances made up from the living organisms and originate in nature. This can be made or prepared naturally, net synthesis or semi-synthesis procedure that plays a very important role in the medicinal chemistry that deliver tricky targets all through drug discovery procedure. This has been prolonged for the commercial aims for cosmetics, dietary supplements and foods made from the natural resources. Natural products are the origin of most complex and absorbing chemical structures and it symbolizes natural biological activity, whether as individual compounds or as the complex mixtures. Natural Products journal comprises the fields of Herbal Medicine, Organic Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science. Natural products are generally either of prebiotic sources or originate from plants, microbes and animal sources. As chemicals, natural products include such classes of compounds as polyketides, terpenoids, amino acids, proteins, peptides, carbohydrates, lipids, ribonucleic acid, nucleic acid bases, deoxyribonucleic acid and so forth. Natural products are not merely coincidences or products of appropriateness of nature. Beyond probably they are natural expression of the growth in the complexity of organisms.


Isoprene is the branched-chain unsaturated hydrocarbon; isoprene consists of in fact two carbon-carbon double bonds. Isoprenoids have from two to many thousands of the isoprene units. Any category of organic compounds comprised of two or more units of hydrocarbons; having each unit comprising of five carbon atoms positioned in a particular pattern is termed as Isoprenoids. Isoprenoids in the living organisms range in function from pigments and fragrances to vitamins and precursors of the sex hormones. They are as well the biggest group of modern natural products, comprising over 30,000 acknowledged compounds, and they help often biochemical functions: as quinones in electron transport chains, as methods of membranes in Subcellular targeting and regulation, as photosynthetic pigments, as hormones, and as the plant defense compounds.


Any of the group of hydrocarbons which include of Terpenes comprised with oxygen-containing group known as terpenoids. Terpenoids are generally found in plants, and can prepare cyclic structures like sterols. The terpenoids are a big and diverse class of naturally-occurring organic compounds identical to Terpenes, derived from the five-carbon isoprene units assembled and modified in thousands of manners. Most of them are multi-cyclic structures which distinct from one other not just in functional groups however as well in their fundamental carbon skeletons. Such lipids can be found in all the groups of living things, and are the biggest group of natural products. Terpenoids journal comprises the fields of Natural Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry and Photochemistry. Mainly the terpenoids are colourless, fragrant liquids which are lighter than water and volatile by steam. Some of them are solids example: camphor. All are soluble in organic solvent and generally insoluble in the water. Most of them are optically active. They are open chain or cyclic unsaturated compounds encompassing one or more double bonds. Thus they experience addition reaction by hydrogen, halogen, acids and so on. A number of addition products encompass antiseptic properties. They experience polymerization and dehydrogenation. They are simply oxidized almost via all the oxidizing agents. On thermal decomposition, most of the terpenoids results isoprene as one of the product.


The alkaloid is a type of plant-derived organic compound. Alkaloids are generally made up of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. Some of the alkaloids are deliberated toxic; however others are frequently employed therapeutically. Some of the numerous organic compounds which are usually simple and have at least one nitrogen atom in a heterocyclic ring, existing mainly in the flowering plants. Some of the alkaloids, like nicotine, cocaine, quinine and morphine are acknowledged for their toxic or medicinal qualities. Alkaloid journals having plants found a very different group both chemically and taxonomically, fundamental nitrogen being the only combining factor for the many classes. For this cause, problems of the biological role of alkaloids in the plant, their importance in taxonomy and biogenesis are frequently most satisfactorily deliberated at the level of an accurate class of alkaloid. An identical condition influences with the therapeutic and pharmacological actions of alkaloids. As most alkaloids are specifically toxic, plants comprising them don't feature intensely in herbal treatment however they have always been significant in the allopathic system where dosage is severely controlled and in homoeopathy where the dose-rate is so low as to be risk-free.

Bioactive Compounds:

A substance consists of an organic activity if it uses direct effects on a living organism. These effects can both be contrary or beneficial contingent on the substance, the dose or the bioavailability. The word bioactive compound or component is generally only associated by positive effects on an organism. Bioactive compounds comprises of chemicals which are found in small volumes in plants and specific foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, oils and whole grains. The Bioactive compounds journal emphasis the fields of plant science, geo-medicine, modern pharmacology, agrochemicals, food industry, cosmetics, Nano-bio-science and so on. They have movements in the body which can encourage good health. In plants, nutrients are not generally comprised in the word 'plant bioactive compound'. Generally, bioactive plant compounds are made up as secondary metabolites that are not essential for the daily functioning of the plant (like growth), however play an important role in the defense, competition, attraction and signaling. Bioactive compounds in the plants can be precised as secondary plant metabolites obtaining pharmacological or toxicological effects in animals and humans.


Flavonoid is a group of plant secondary metabolites. Chemically, they require the final structure of a 15-carbon skeleton which comprises of 2 phenyl rings and heterocyclic ring. This carbon structure is abbreviated C6-C3-C6. As per the IUPAC terminology, categorization of flavonoids is three kinds, flavonoid and bioflavonoid, neoflavonoids, isoflavonoids. The three flavonoid groups higher than are all ketone-containing compounds and such as they are anthoxanthins (that is, flavones and flavonols). Flavonoids are usually in plants, fulfilling some functions. Flavonoids are the main necessary plant pigments for the flower coloration, generating yellow or red/blue pigmentation in petals designed to fascinate in insect animals. In higher plants, flavonoids are concerned in ultraviolet filtration, dependent organic process and floral pigmentation. They can also act as chemical messengers, physiological regulators and cell cycle inhibitors. Flavonoids secreted through the base of their host plant facilitate Rhizobia in the infection phase of their dependent relationship by legumes like peas, beans and soy. Flavonoid journal comprises the subject areas of Nutritional Science, Medicine, Biology and Biochemistry. Rhizobia living in the soil are capable to sense the flavonoids and this triggers the secretion of the Nod factors which successively are recognized via the host plant and might cause plant organ deformation and a number of other cellular responses looking like particle fluxes and thus the making of a root nodule. Moreover, some flavonoids encompass repressing activity against the organisms which cause plant diseases, example: Fusarium oxysporum.


A glycoside is a molecule where a sugar is bound to a further helpful group by means of a glycosidic bond. Glycosides play many key roles in residing organisms. Most of the crops retailer chemical substances are a kind of the inactive glycosides. These might as well be activated via enzyme hydrolysis that factors the sugar part to be damaged off, making the chemical on hand for use. Most of such plant glycosides are employed as medicinal drugs. In people and animals, poisons are generally certain to sugar molecules as part of their removing from the physique. In general phrases, a glycoside is any molecule wherein a sugar group is bounded by means of its anomeric carbon to the other group through a glycosidic bond. Glycosides might as well be linked via an O-glycosidic bond. In line by the IUPAC, the identification 'C-glycoside' is a misnomer; the favored time period is 'C-glycosyl compound'. The given statement is the one used by IUPAC that recommends the Haworth projection to correctly assign stereochemical configurations. The glycone can comprise of a single sugar group (that is, monosaccharide) or a number of sugar companies (that is, oligosaccharide). Glycoside journals are related by the fields of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Natural Sciences.

Secondary Metabolites:

Secondary Metabolites are the natural compounds which are not immediately concerned in the typical development, growth or reproduction of the organism. Dissimilar to most significant metabolites, absence of the secondary metabolites doesn't affect in on the spot loss of life, though alternatively in lengthy-time period impairment of the survivability of organism's, fecundity or aesthetics, or almost certainly in no significant alternate in any respect. The secondary metabolites are regularly limited to a slender set of species in a phylogenetic group. Secondary metabolites most frequently play a main position in plant safety towards herbivory and other interspecies defenses. People make use of secondary metabolites as drug treatments, flavorings and recreational medicinal drugs. Most of the polyphenol nutraceuticals from plant origin ought to carry on intestinal transformations, through microbiota and enterocyte enzymes, as a manner to be absorbed at enterocyte and colonocyte levels. This provides upward thrust to diverse priceless effects in the customer, comprising a mammoth array of protecting effects against bacteria, viruses and protozoan parasites. Secondary Metabolites journal major focus is in the fields of Natural Science, Biochemistry and Plant Sciences.


Phospholipids are a group of lipids that might be a predominant factor of all the phone membranes. They are capable to type lipid bilayers on the grounds that of their amphiphilic attribute. The structure of phospholipid molecule most of the time have two hydrophobic fatty acid 'tails' and a hydrophilic head having a phosphate group. The two accessories are linked collectively via a glycerol molecule. The phosphate organizations might as well be modified by simple organic molecules like ascholine. Organic membranes in eukaryotes as well incorporate the other categorization of lipid, sterol, interspersed among numerous phospholipids and altogether they give membrane fluidity and mechanical force. Purified phospholipids are generated commercially and have discovered aims in nano-technology and substances science. Phospholipids journal comprises the fields of Biochemistry, Process Engineering, Phylogentics and Natural Chemistry.

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