The procedure of blood coagulation is a very important mechanism of defence against excessive loss of blood. There are almost 13 factors included in the mechanism of blood clotting. If any one or more out of these factors are not synthesised sufficiently and properly which results in defect in blood clotting and thus hemorrhage.

Some inherited deficiency of the blood clotting issues is found in human being and are collectively termed as hemophilias.


It is an inherited disease, in which clotting takes place at an abnormally slow rate because of the nonexistence of one or more of the blood clotting factors. The sufferers are termed as “haemophiliacs” or “bleeders”. It is peculiar which it affects just only males. The very common deficiency is that deficiency of the factor VIII, that causes hemophilia A. Deficiency of factor IX originates hemophilia B. Deficiency of factor XI originates hemophilia C.


The characteristic that are findings of this disease are:

• Bleeding that does not stop. These individuals should be very careful not to contract even minor injuries such as trauma/extraction of tooth, because this may result in severe hemorrhage (blood loss).
• Marked prolongation of the blood’s coagulation time, when prothrombin time being normal.


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