An office of a state license bureau has two types of arrivals. Individuals interested in purchasing new plates are characterized to have interarrival times distributed as EXPO(6.8) and service times as TRIA(8.8, 13.7, 15.2); all times are in minutes. Individuals who want to renew or apply for a new driver’s license have interarrival times distributed as EXPO(8.7) and service times as TRIA(16.7, 20.5, 29.2). The office has two lines, one for each customer type. The office has five clerks: two devoted to plates (Mary and Kathy), two devoted to licenses (Sue and Jean), and the team leader (Neil) who can serve both customer types. Neil will serve the customer who has been waiting the longest. Assume that all clerks are available all the time for the eight-hour day (8 AM to 5 pm). The output measure of interest is customers’ total time in system for both customer types

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