Relationship between coordination and the cooperation

Relationship between coordination and the cooperation

  1. Coordination is an ordinary agreement of the group's efforts to provide the unity of the action in the pursuit of the common objective cooperation on the other hands denote the collective efforts by the person working in the enterprises in the voluntarily for accomplish a particular purpose. It is willingness to of the individual to help each other .thus it is oblivious that the co ordination is broader in scope than that of cooperation
  2. The existences of cooperation among the group member may facility co ordination but that does not mean that the coordination originates automatically from the voluntary efforts Of the group member
  3. For instance five persons engaged in pushing a car out of mud have a strong have to desire to cooperate with one another . but they may have not be successful in their attempt unless one of them is able to coordinate the efforts of all of them similarly harmony is a music cannot be achieve by the orchestra party unless the orchestra conductor coordinate the group activity
  4. The manager play an important role as a coordination effective coordination cannot be achieved by the without the coordination of the group member. Cooperation without the coordination has no fruit and coordination without cooperation has no root therefore the manager try to achieve both simultaneously

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