Properties | Characteristics-Group - Organizational Behavior

1)     Members of the group are skilled in the various leadership and membership role and functions.

2)     Group has existed long enough to develop effective working relationships.

3)     Feelings of confidence and trust are high among members and leaders who are committed and loyal to the group.

4)     Members are highly motivated to abide by the values held important by the group. All interactions, problem solving and decision making activities of the group take place in a supportive atmosphere.

5)     The group is eager to help each member develop to full potential and the leader and members are willing to go the extra mile to accomplish difficult tasks.

6)     The leader exerts influence in establishing the tone and atmosphere for work by his/her leadership principles and practices.

7)     Creativity is encouraged in the group through a very supportive atmosphere, which is oriented more towards constructive conformity-i.e., a broad acceptance of group goals-without stifling the creative efforts of its members.

8)     Communication flows freely and both information giving and receiving are valued in the group

The group remains flexible and adaptable because mutual influence processes are in operation

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