Other Factors - Personality Organization Behavior

I. Temperament: Temperament and other non-intellectual personality traits are distributed according to the normal distribution. Temperament  is the degree to which one responds emotionally.

II. Interest: The individual normally has many interests in various areas. The top executives in any organization do not have interests in common. The organization should provide opportunities like job rotation and special training programmed to satisfy the interests of executives.

III. Character: Character primarily means honesty. It is resistance to stealing and cheating others. Character is a very important requirement for responsible jobs. It is likely that an individual may not steal under normal circumstances. The situation needs to be considered to verify this part of the character of the individual.

IV. Schema:  It is an individual's belief, frame of reference, perception, and attitude which the individual possesses towards the management, the job, working conditions, pay, fringe benefits, incentive system, and development programmers in the organization. It depends upon the individual's belief towards religion, government and the satisfaction derived from environment and cultural influences of his community.

V. Motives:  Motives are the inner drives of the individual. They represent goal directed behavior of the individual. A motive is a cognitive factor which operates in determining one's behavior towards a goal. Individuals differ in variables which determine the inner drives. The behavior of an individual to accomplish the goal varies because of his inner drives.


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