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  Structural approach and communicative approach  

Question 1: Discuss in brief the aims and methods of the historical study of language.

Question 2: What are the main differences between learning the mother tongue and a second language?

Question 3: Describe the advantages and disadvantages of direct method.

Question 4: Write down an essay on the structural approach and communicative approach.

Question 5: The mother tongue has a definite contribution to make to the effectual teaching of second language and this is the major. If not the sole, theoretical basis of the bilingual and multi lingual methods critically describe the above and bring out the contribution of 1 L in teaching 2 L.

Question 6: Explain the reception and expression aims of teaching English that language skill are simpler to acquire than others.

Question 7: What are the main objectives and aims of language teaching?

Question 8: List the general misconceptions regarding language and state how they influence the teaching of English.

Question 9: Explain the fundamental traits of the Audio-lingual method in developing country.

Question 10: Describe the characteristics of communicative language teaching.

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