Hr in international context

Question 1: What is the basic difference in the operations of domestic HR and international HR?

Question 2: How to Link hr to international expansion strategies?

Question 3: Globalization of hr at function level: explore the issues via international recruitment, selection and assessment processes.

Question 4: What are the issues faced by HR while recruiting internationally? How is recruitment done at various levels?

Question 5: What do you mean by performance management? What are the various factors related with performance management?

Question 6: What are the different methods of performance management?

Question 7: How is training development done in nowadays context for employees at different levels?

Question 8: What do you mean by the term Expatriate Cross Cultural Training? Why do expatriate relocations go wrong?

Question 9: How do we develop Productive International Teams? How do such factors Communication (Thought Transfer); Compensation (Remuneration); Cultural Differences; Information Needs; International , affect in developing such teams.

Question 10: What do you mean by virtual teams? Illustrate the different ways in which virtual teams can be maintained?

Question 11: What is compensation management and describe the significant concepts in compensation management?

Question 12: What do you mean by Repatriation Process? Describe the recommended steps in this process?

Question 13: What are labor relations? How are organization working towards maintain good labor relations?

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HR Management: Hr in international context
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