Software Designing

Software Designing:

It is a procedure of problem solving and planning for a software solution. After specifications and purpose of software are determined, software developers will design / employ designers to make a plan for a solution. This includes low-level component and algorithm implementation issues in addition to the architectural view.

Design Concepts:

1. Abstraction:

Concentrate on the necessary features and avoid details that are not relevant.

  • Procedural abstraction is like a named sequence of instructions that has a particular & limited function.
  • Data abstraction refers named collection of data that distinct a data object.
  • Control abstraction is implies a program control mechanisms without indicates internal details.

2. Refinement:

  • Stepwise refinement is  top down strategy
  • Refine levels of process detail
  • Develop hierarchy through decompose a procedural abstraction in a stepwise manner until programming languages are attained.
  • Same kind of the process of refinement & partitioning in requirement analysis.
  • Abstraction & refinement are opposite concepts.

3. Modularity:

  • System is decomposed into a several modules.
  • Software architecture and design patterns represent modularity.
  • Five criteria to assess a design method with respect to its ability to describe effective modular system: modular compos ability, modular decomposability, modular continuity, modular understandability, and modular protection.

4. Architecture:

Is the organization and structure of program components (modules)

Five distinct types of models are used to represent the architectural design: framework models, dynamic models, structural models, process models and functional models.

5. Procedure:

  • Targets on the processing details of each module.
  • A specific specification of processing.

6. Information Hiding:

Modules should be designed and specified so that information (procedure & data) contained within a module in inaccessible to other modules that have no requirements for such information.

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