Effective Modular Design Heuristics

Effective Modular Design Heuristics

Once program structure is development effective modularity can be  achieved by  applying  the design concepts illustrated in the previous section. The  program structure can be  manipulated according to the following  set of heuristics.

1. Obtain the first iteration of the program structure as  to reduce coupling  and increase cohesion :After developing the program  structure, modules may be exploded or  improve module in dependence. An exploded module results in partitioning the logic into  separate program. An imploded module result in the creation of  two or more modules.

2. Try to minimize structures with  high fan out  strive  for fan in  as depth  increases: Try  to avoid the pan caked  structure in which  all the  modules are under the control of a single module as shown in  fig 5.23,

19_Effective Modular Design Homework Help.jpg

To avoid such type  of pan caked structures a more reasonable distribution  of control is required as shown in fig 5.24,

Fig 5.24, shown a number of layers of control

2120_Effective Modular Design Homework Help 1.jpg

3. Keep the scope  of effect of a module within the  scope of control of that  module: The scope of a particular module  is defined as all modules that are  affected by a  decision  made in this module. The  scope of control of  is all the   a modules that are  subordinate of module.

4. Obtain the module interfaces to reduce complexity and redundancy and  improve consistency: Interface designing should  be like  so that  information can  be easily  passed and consistent with the function of a module .

5. Define module whose function is predictable but avoid modules that  are overly restrictive:  A  module is predictable  when it will  be produced irrespective of the  internal functionality.  And there should be mush restricted modules that  should  be avoided. 

6. Strive for  controlled entry modules by avoiding connections pathological :Software is easier to understand and therefore easier to maintain when  module interfaces are constrained and controlled. Pathological connection refers to  branches or references into the  middle of  a module.

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