Advantages and Disadvantages of Data Dictionary

Advantages of Data Dictionary

The advantages of using a data dictionary are:

  • It is a valuable reference in any organization because it provides documentation.
  • It improves the communication between system analyst and user by establishing consistent definitions of various items terms and procedures.
  • It is a good tool for manage operators and other members of the development team to understand requirements and design.
  • It helps the analyst to simplify the structure for meeting the data requirements of the system.
  • It is just like a store of all data elements information that can link all phases of software development life cycle.
  • It is used to remove the redundancy in data definition.
  • It is an important step building a database. Most data base management system has a data dictionary as a standard feature.
  • During implementation, it serves as a base against which developers compare their data description.

Disadvantage of Data Dictionary

There are some disadvantages given below:

  • It does not provide functional details.
  • It is not acceptable to many nontechnical users.

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