The word Atopy means out of place or strangeness. The antigens generally included in atopy are characteristically inhalants. Example: Pollen, house dust and ingestants. Example: Eggs, and Milk. Some of them are contact allergens, to which conjuctiva and skin are exposed. The atopens [i.e., antigens] are not always good antigens however induce IgE antibodies.

Hay Fever [Allergic Rhinitis]

It is an illustration of an atopic allergy including the respiratory tract. Initial exposure includes air-borne allergens like fungal spores, plant pollen, house dust mites, and they sensitize mast cells situated within the mucous membranes. Re-exposure to allergen causes usual anaphylactic responses such as congested nasal passage, itchy & teary eyes, and coughing & sneezing.

2346_type1 hypersensitivity reaction.jpg

Figure: Mechanism of Type I hypersensitivity reaction

Demonstration of IgE antibodies:

IgE can be identified by passive hemagglutination and by RAST [i.e., Radio Allergo Sorbent Test].

  • Antihistamines can be provided.


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