Matlab and solving equations


The term MATLAB stands for Matrix Laboratory. MATLAB was introduced originally to offer easily access to matrix software build up by the LINPACK (or linear system package) and EISPACK (or Eigen system package) projects.

MATLAB is a very high-performance language for technical calculating. It incorporates:

  • Calculation
  • Visualization
  • Programming
  • Environment

Moreover, it is a modern programming language environment: it has complicated data structures, consists of built-in debugging and editing tools, and supports object oriented programming. Such factors create MATLAB an excellent tool for research and teaching. It has many benefits compared to conventional computer languages (or example, C, FORTRAN) for resolving technical problems. It is an interactive system whose basic data constituent is an array which doesn’t require dimensioning.

Solving equations with MATLAB:

It is a computer program for accessing numerical computation.

In the direction of resolve many equations by MATLAB (or Octave) write the equations with all the unknowns on the left part and the knowns on the right part: for illustration,

0.002 vA - 0.0020 vA - 0.001 vC = 0.005
-0.002 vA + 0.0015 vB = 0.002
-0.002 vA + 0.002 vC = -0.002

In order to solve the above equation in MATLAB execute the following instructions or commands:

A = [ 0.0020 -0.0020 -0.0010;
     -0.0020  0.0015  0.0000;
     -0.0020  0.0000  0.0020]

B = [ 0.005;
v = A\b

The outcome is:
v = 6.4000

This illustrate that vA = 6.4V, vB = 5.6V and vC = 2.2V.

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